About Me - What is Magical Activist?

Magical Activist is a dream, a project and a concept rooted in the practices of self-care, community-care and earth care .
It is magical futurism through embodied presence and aligned action. 

Magical Activist is run by me, Jenny Isabel Wesle— herbalist, reiki energy channeller, yoga practitioner, farmer, witch, activist, world traveler, artist, tarot enthusiast and intuitive. I am a second generation organic and regenerative farmer living in Grindrod, British Columbia, Canada. I live on the traditional and unceded land of the Secwepmec people and I give reverent gratitude to the First Nations of this land.

Building relationship with, and being of service to myself, my community, our Earth and all the beings here is my life goal. I focus my magic on holistic wellness, a healthy future for all life on this planet, and  doing my part in dismantling oppressive systems while working towards new futures of justice, inclusivity and sustainability.

My practice, training, teachers and lineage:
* Vitalist Herbalist Training with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism
*  Western European Herbal and Magical Traditions, especially must credit my parents for their incredible knowledge of the natural world
*  Herbal magic of Hekate

*Animist worldview
*  Usui Reiki 1 and 2 attunements with Joan Scott and Madre Jaguar
*  Hatha Yoga training and Emotional Blockage Treatment Training at Gyan Yog Breath in Rishikesh India
*  Moon magic as taught by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener 
*  I also incorporate intuitive ritual and spell work, somatic practice, tapping, breathwork, tarot, meditation and more
*  Other notable teachers of mine include: Cyndi Brannen for inspiring me on the path of Herbal magic , Angela Mary Magick an incredible witch and one of the kindest online friends I have made, Norma Isaac who introduced me to Reiki, crystals and numerology and still guides me intuitively from beyond the veil, Renee Sills of Embodied Astrology for opening me up to really arriving in my body and understanding astrology in an embodied way.

I am grateful to the teachers, guides and fellow humans who have influenced my path. Whether family, friend, casual acquaintance, or someone I have never met, I am forever in gratitude to you.

Core values:
Social Justice, Community Care, Anti-capitalism, Antiracism, Feminist, LGBTQ2s+, Disability, Mental Health, Anti-agism, Environmental Justice, Reparations and Land back to Indigenous peoples, Boundaries, Intuition, Kindness, Sustainability, Relationship, Fun, Holistic Health, Magic and Personal Agency

A Few Ways in Which I Run an Anticapitalist Business
5% (or more) of all profits is given back to Indigenous organizations, mutual aid, and other grassroots organizations that are working in one or more area of my core values.

Current places I’m allocating funds include:
Coldest Night of the Year- I am  walking and fundraising to support and serve people and families experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger.


I want to make my herbal products, reiki, yoga and my other magical modalities accessible and affordable for all. Sliding scale donation based, trade, and free options available to BIPOC, LGBTQ2s+, Disabled, homeless, or financially disadvantaged folks. Please contact me for inquiries about my offerings.


Finally, I feel it is important to note that while I believe wholeheartedly in holistic and natural healing, and in magic. I also hold deep respect and appreciation for modern western medicine practice; and its doctors, medicines and technologies. We do not live in a binary world and there is a time and place for holistic as well as allopathic medicine.

I honour the universal truth in you, as I honour the universal truth in me.

May you be blessed with the courage, compassion and grace to face anything life brings you with love and self-respect.
Warmly, Jenny